The family. Mixed media study.

It is the eve of the new year.

Personally it has been a year of fear, loss and horrible depression.  Every level of my soul seems to be searching for a meaning in this strange life.  At this very moment I can’t imagine it being any other way.  Happily, that’s the beauty of this very moment, and the next, even the one after that.  Each holds the possibility of so many things, the most spectacular of those being change.

I’m not here to share my personal story.  Suffice it to say that nothing has ever been what it seemed in my life, and I’m entirely too ready to see that aspect fall away.

I will be starting a new business this year.

If you knew me before, you know I had many small shops.  All that’s gone.  All that work is gone. You’ll be seeing only brand new images this year.  Brand new is all I have.

If I am anything ‘religoius’, it’s probably very close to Buddhist.  I try very hard not to become attached.  Lessons like the loss of a life’s work, a familiar place, and a sense of security can play on those beliefs.  In the end, life goes on and you adapt.

In this case, I reinvented, in many ways.  I hope to have something new for you every day.

I probably won’t talk much.  If I do, that’ll be a surprise even to me.  We’ll see.

Goodbye 2012.  Goodbye to so much.  Hopefully the sanity part was just temporary.  It is my fervent hope.


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