Hi!  It’s cold.  My computer is warm, so I’m sitting here working, and I thought I’d post.

There’s some stuff I wanted to talk about, but I didn’t want to get into it early in the game.  I have been a hit or miss blogger for years.  I wanted to make sure it was sticking this time.  It’s still early, but I think as things are going, I’m doing okay.  If you’ll indulge me just a bit now and again, I may talk about this business of art, and really, all the chaos that comes with both loss of art and rebuilding, or moving in new directions.  I’d also like to discuss process, ideas, and of course, always share art.

in dreams…circa 2010. Right after the first motherboard crash…

This has been getting sixty or seventy hits a day now, so I thought it might be kind of neat to engage in some conversation.  I’m not so great at that in real life, and obviously not here either, but I’m willing to try!

Here’s today’s piece.  It’s a photo that’s been manipulated and tortured into a painterly submission.  I’m not entirely sure why I’m so set on figuring out how to make a photograph look like a real painting, but I’ve become somewhat obsessive about the whole thing.  Those of you that have written or commented, thank you so much, I appreciate the feedback more than you will ever know.  It’s scary starting over.  Seriously, scary.


Have a happy and safe weekend!



5 thoughts on “10.26.2013

  1. Nice work on the last photo… I seriously thought is was a painting… It says more than to me than a standard photo.

    Lots of us seem to be starting over. I, for one, would welcome your perspective on this. I’m not big on sharing in “real” life either, even though you wouldn’t get that impression from reading my blog. I enjoy the interaction my blog brings in…

    • John, your blog is such an inspiration, and I’m not trying to copy that at all…though it sounds like it every time I type it out. I thought first, it’s about reinventing yourself, and about finding your way back to a path you felt you wandered from, or about inspiring each other to keep improving. All that is exactly what you’re doing! So I’m really not trying to tread on your stomping ground. I actually thought I had an original idea. 0.0 What I was thinking was just telling my story as I moved through this. I’m slightly terrified to be heading back out into the big wide world and thought writing the process might help?

      • No worries! We’re all different, so we can’t really copy each other. We, and lots of others, are going through similar life events. I think the more of us who share our experiences the better. We can all learn from each other…

  2. I really like the second photo. It makes me think of an Americana horror story intro. That may not be what you were going for, but it produced a little of an emotional reaction.
    Nice work.

    • Thank you so much Marc! I think the date is setting the mood lately. I always have loved dark and mysterious…I had a lot of that before. I just love that people had an emotion at all…

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