There are days when I am so excited about this whole project and days that it’s completely overwhelming.  I feel the entire arena of art has changed with the economy and that what was once a comparatively  intimate group of creative and quirky individuals that was something like a dysfunctional family (you can talk trash about any one of them, but don’t let anyone else say a word!) has become something everyone on the internet is suddenly  doing.  How does anyone compete with that?

I remember when having a 35mm film camera was a luxury that most people didn’t even waste their time with.  Now everyone carries a phone that is probably as good as my last film camera, if not better.  (Though I still maintain that film will always be more beautiful…especially black and white film.)  You can have a camera for a year and suddenly you’re hanging a shingle.  Not that’s it’s all good, in fact, a lot of it makes the crafts-person in me cringe ever so slightly.  It makes me cringe more when people pay for it.  That said, good for the artist who can convince people that something that took 10 minutes to put together is worth $30 or $40.  Meh…whatever.

I guess what I’m saying is it’s completely intimidating to be jumping back in as the internet becomes more and more swollen with ‘artists’.  I think that’s why I bring up the lost work so much.  I don’t want someone thinking I just crawled out of the woodwork with everyone else.  This has been my life.  I irritated the hell out of my parents before I was a teen by taking art shots with my 110 camera and making them spend the money to develop them. (And then I had to endure the interrogating “WHY did you take pictures of THAT? – I never could explain that one exactly.)

I was drawing pictures of the birthday greeting cards I got since I was 10. (I know it was 10 because I still have both the pictures and the cards)  I want to set myself apart, and not sound like a complete doofus in the process.  How do you even do that now??

Yep…that’s a rant for today.

This is today’s pic.  Another piece working on the integration of Painter and Photoshop.  It’s pretty basic, but I was working a lot with blending tones between the two.  I love this part…the learning.  It never gets old, and the hours fly by…

tilted barn…

I hope you’re all having an amazing day.  Take care!



2 thoughts on “10.28.2013

  1. Hi. You asked for some thoughts. I’m not an artist but I can give you a viewer’s perspective. The paintings that I like are in some way evocative. It might of a moment in time, a short span of time (a wear and tear of years/decades/centuries) or the erosion of a coastline. It might evoke the sense of all the people who have passed by and all the events that have affected their lives. It might be a quite place known only to the lives of the small animals. It might be a bloom of new life. It might be the wonderment of nature or the power of the sun.

    A photograph can also be somewhat evocative and have accuracy in shape and form.

    So, to take a photograph and add further evocation will create something that is well worth seeing. A view that brightens a room/life or gives a warm glow or a thoughtful moment or a window into another world. The enhanced depiction of a scene has become the evocation of art with all that it means to the viewer. This is perhaps why people tend to like sunsets. A warming ambience that is joyful and calming and signals the restful part of the day. If your work pleases just one person then it needs no justification.

    Certainly with art, the artist need not be concerned about the purchaser or price. Unlike other purchases the buyer knows what they are getting. It isn’t going to malfunction or break down. They know that they wanted it and will continue to do so.

    You can use your art as a therapy for the things you feel. That will help but it is just a beginning. I think you will get more from it by producing work designed to bring others out of their own doldrums. As a by product, it will do the same for you.

    I think the thing you lost was your happiness. That thing which most of all gives us confidence, hope, motive and enjoyment of the day and of daylight. There is a lot of therapy in saying to our self “I do not believe in this pessimistic thought. It is only the product of a temporary aberration. Instead of predicting, I will discover. I will go into the world and for a time stop thinking but instead just see it, hear it, taste it, smell it and touch it.” and with defiance “I will live it”.

    What you’re doing is working, really.

    If I might suggest, more feedback will help. Have a stroll around the blogworld. Find things you like, drop a few likes and an occasional comment. Some will follow your Gravatar back to your site.

    With Best Wishes and hope that this helps a little. 😉

  2. I’m liking your pics. They’re well executed studies worthy of meditation. The shades of melancholia evoke thoughtful repose… Plus: Your commentary on life and process adds a precious personal dimension. Very nice. Thank you.

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