Yesterday was a complete bust.  Everything I did was just wrong.  I finally gave up, leaving three pieces in limbo and went to watch webinars on painter and photoshop.

I know there are days like that, and that the well can’t always be overflowing, but at this early stage it seems like I should have tons of ideas and creativity.


Today was better.  Last night my friend Lionel from Kilifori Studios (yes, yes, go see him, he’s brilliant in advertising, and a great guy!) sent me a link to the work of Meindert Hobbema (Dutch Renaissance) which was just what the doctor ordered for an awe factor.  Today, I’m back to work, thankfully.


This isn’t a landscape piece, but a photograph that I painstakingly painted, only to have it upload and look nothing like I think it should.  I’m going to calibrate the monitor, but I’ve been reading that when you upload to flickr now it’s changing things.  I’m not thrilled.  As soon as the website is live, I’ll keep the work there.

I want to thank you all for continuing to visit, and for your comments and follows.  I’m humbled by the whole thing more than you know!  Not to mention something amazing that my new friend John from Doug Does Life did for me, which I’m still trying to figure out how to process, let alone deal with…give me a day or two.

Things are beginning to take more than a day to finish.  I’m relieved about that.  I’m moving on, and up.  I hope you’ll keep stopping in to see the process.



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