Happy Halloween everyone!  For my Wiccan friends, Blessed All Hallows and Happy New Year!

from 2010, reworked. ghost…

Today, like yesterday is a little full.  I have some wonderful comments that I want to address and still, John’s lovely nomination to fulfill.  I had hopes of a post with multiple new images today, but I have too many left undone.  I may have something more true to the holiday a bit later today if I can get it done…if not, dark and mysterious works for me just about any time.  I hope to get the comments and new nomination post by tonight.

This is a mulitple exposure of Marina City in Chicago.  I did only the smallest bit in Photoshop, the rest was in Painter X3.  Since the new cloud requirements, I’m looking for other editing software…not that my CS6 will be obsolete anytime soon, I just don’t think I want to ‘rent’ software.

marina city, in chicago…

I hope you all have a happy and safe evening.  Watch for the little gouls and keep your animals in and safe, pretty please?  Hopefully I’ll still get another post in today…



2 thoughts on “10.31.2013

  1. I particularly like the first picture. I got the sense of mystery that comes from still calm. Such things quieten the mind and allow us to contemplate simply being alive. Of course for each person it is different but I think this one is, for anybody, a window into another world. Nicely done. 🙂

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