Every day I type in at least one calendar day off.  Every.  Single.  Day.  sigh.

I hope you’re all having a great day!  This is Mystic.  I think it might be a personal favorite.  It was shot on Sunday with the one with cows below.  I did sketches, then used Painter and Photoshop to bring it where it is.  Today was my running everywhere day.  I will probably give you an older piece tomorrow, unless a miracle of time occurs.  But even if it does, then I can work on comments and a post about all of you, and how wonderful your blogs are!

Have a wonderful evening, I’ll see you tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “11.05.2013

  1. Yes. They do keep evolving and seem to be getting brighter. Perhaps thay reflect a brighter mood. I hope so.

    I sense you might be pushing yourself a little to hard though. Everybody needs a little downtime. Be a little kinder to yourself. 🙂

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