Happy almost New Year!  I apologize for being away so long, it’s been a long couple of weeks and life has been a little of a pain.  I could get all introspective, but I’m just going to give you an iphone shot and wish you the very best that life has to offer in the coming new year.  I’m so glad I’ve had the pleasure to talk to some of you, to get to know you and to experience some of your amazing art.  I’m hoping to jump back into everything in just a few days, but it may be a bit sporadic for a bit, there’s some stuff going on.

Big love to everyone, please stay safe!


dark woods, Michigan…(best seen here)

(p.s., if you’re on flickr, please add me…I’m thinking I might try to wander back there now and again…)


12.06.2013 – An extra thank you!

I am not sure I fully comprehend how artists do all this themselves…or maybe how they do it and not do anything else!  Eeesh, life is hectic.  I want to say thank you to everyone that’s stopping by these days…I want to come by and explore all your blogs, and I’m just not finding enough minutes in the day.  Please forgive me until after the holidays, or until I can find a rhythm to all this and gain some sanity in it all.

Last week I had two milestones for people who have liked my posts.  Two in one week.  I’m completely humbled by that…thanks so much!!

Here is one of my pieces for our iPhoneography day…

I’m putting together another post.  So see you in a bit!