Hi everyone.  I hope you had a wonderful week.

I’m trying to get back to work, it just seems the universal winds are making it sort of impossible…at least on an emotional front.  I appreciate your visits so much…thank you!

pansy –  dreaming of spring.   See it large here.

Have a great weekend!




Hi everyone…

All I can say is that it’s good to be back.  How has everyone been?  Thank you all so much for continuing to stop by to even check to see what was going on.  The few times I was able to check I was amazed to see the numbers still high.  I’m really humbled…

I had a bump in the road, but, thankfully, things are smoothing out.  Now, it’s a challenge to remember even how to post, let alone how to add to the new web site and it’s blog.  It may take just a bit to fully get back up to speed, but I’m going to try.  Today’s piece comes from the brutal winter that has attacked us this year in the Midwest.  I know it’s a barn.  But it’s new work, so I’ll take it.

Shelter… You can see it large here: Flickr  (It’s really long so it’s posting tiny, I apologize.)

Wishing you all a wonderful Friday…



Happy almost New Year!  I apologize for being away so long, it’s been a long couple of weeks and life has been a little of a pain.  I could get all introspective, but I’m just going to give you an iphone shot and wish you the very best that life has to offer in the coming new year.  I’m so glad I’ve had the pleasure to talk to some of you, to get to know you and to experience some of your amazing art.  I’m hoping to jump back into everything in just a few days, but it may be a bit sporadic for a bit, there’s some stuff going on.

Big love to everyone, please stay safe!


dark woods, Michigan…(best seen here)

(p.s., if you’re on flickr, please add me…I’m thinking I might try to wander back there now and again…)


A little back story:

If you’ve read my about page you’ll know I’ve been whining over losing my work for awhile now.  What you don’t know is that I had basically given up on art completely.  It had been the second time I had lost everything and I figured I needed to get the hint.  I dabbled, but I didn’t take anything very seriously.

Then, one day, while messing around in podcasts on my new (to me) iPhone 3 (or 3s, I can’t remember which) I came across a podcast called Tiny Shutter.  I thought it was a regular photo podcast and started listening.  Come to find out, Marc and the gang were talking about iPhone photography.  I think I listened to about 10 that day.  I’m not sure I’ve ever looked back.  (And I still to this day credit Marc with being the boot in my derriere to start working again, for better or for worse…thanks so much buddy!)

If you haven’t explored what’s going on in the mobile world of photography and art, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.  It’s not all selfies in the bathroom mirror and  half eaten food, I promise.  There is already (I say already, I’m fairly sure it’s been happening since the onslaught, but I’m just starting to see it) a fair amount of disgust from photographers, and even iPhone or mobile photographers with the use of apps, making pieces that look more like paintings or collage instead of photographs.  Especially if there’s notoriety involved.  (See comments in the last “faved iPhone photos” from LifeInLofi)  I’m not judging, I just like to make art.

Check out iPhoneArt for a wonderful gallery full of amazing mobile work.  5112 pages at this moment.  It’s worth it if you’re interested at all.  (They’re also doing a Kickstarter Campaign if you’re into helping the arts!)

Here’s one of my latest iPhone pieces.  It was a  park shot, put through a battery of apps on both the iPad and the iPhone. (There’s a second iphoto over on the other blog now if you’d like to check it out.  You can see it here.)

foggy autumn morning… (best seen here, later tonight)

I had hopes of having time to wander through the interwebs looking for people to add to a list of links for you all to see.  I haven’t been able to.  Scott did happen upon a very, very cool blog from Richard Gray.  He isn’t only doing wonderful stuff with his phone, he’s also teaching you all about it on his blog Iphoggy-bloggy!  Definitely worth some time!

I think I’m going to plan another iPhone post next week, only I will be more prepared.  I’m still working out the kinks, I hope you’ll bear with me?

Tonight on the Fourcrows Blog version, I’ll be adding another shot.  It’s added here!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone, and a safe and happy weekend.  Wishing you all the best, thank you for coming by!!

12.06.2013 – An extra thank you!

I am not sure I fully comprehend how artists do all this themselves…or maybe how they do it and not do anything else!  Eeesh, life is hectic.  I want to say thank you to everyone that’s stopping by these days…I want to come by and explore all your blogs, and I’m just not finding enough minutes in the day.  Please forgive me until after the holidays, or until I can find a rhythm to all this and gain some sanity in it all.

Last week I had two milestones for people who have liked my posts.  Two in one week.  I’m completely humbled by that…thanks so much!!

Here is one of my pieces for our iPhoneography day…

I’m putting together another post.  So see you in a bit!



Holy cow, today has been busy!  I have a so many emails to write, comments and Facebook stuff to handle, and then there’s the stuff that’s not in the virtual world.

Okay.  iPhoneography today and tomorrow.  Tomorrow (I say with great hope that I have time) I’d like to link you to some great iPhone (read mobile I suppose?) communities and artists.  I don’t know how many of you play in this medium, but it’s pretty astounding what comes out of those little devices.  If you’d like me to dedicate a day a week, or at least a couple of days a month talking about it, I think that would be fun?  This is one of my recent pieces from the iPhone/iPad.