So the new site is launched.  And happily, we’ve gotten some really great feedback.  Now that it’s down to actually having to post a blog post over there, I’m not sure on some of the steps.  (It’s totally different than here.)

So for now, I’m going to post here, and have Scott fix it later.  I have to sit down and figure out everything when I’m not running in four directions.  Maybe a tall order before the holidays.

Here’s a piece for today…

the kingdom… (best seen hereand eventually here) ugh.

I’ve also added a Facebook brand page.  I’ll be sharing links and art that’s not anywhere else over there.  I’m thinking of a Follow Friday? Posting out other artist’s websites and pages.  I’ve already been told it’s silly to point people in the direction of other artists, but I’m all about community.  So if you’re interested, come on over…I’m Here.  Let me know what your page is, we can figure it out.

Okay, have a great day guys…I hope the weather is being good to you, and that everything is wonderful!




And now for something completely different…

I want to sit down and ramble for an hour or so, but I can’t.  This was a departure, but only a little.  I think I’m possibly working on a business portfolio, which means you’re going to see some things that just seem wacky.  Hopefully I’ll bring you up to speed soon.



Hi!  Are you sick of barns?  How about a city piece for today?

I thought I’d give you guys two pieces actually.  Here’s one…and here’s why I did it…

softening the city… (best seen here)

I was looking through my work from the last year and noticed that when I did rural settings, I did a soft palette, muted and quiet.  When I did mechanics and urban settings, I did harsh and jagged pieces.  I don’t particularly like things that are brash, or things that grind in your eye.

So, lacking sleep, and seemingly unable to function in other aspects of my world, I set out today to do one of each and see if I could soften an urban piece and still like it.  (Tomorrow, after I’ve slept and have a bit more sense, I’ll explain lots of things going on.)

Here is the other…

fields of gold… (best seen here.)

I’m not quite as happy with this one as I have been with others, but it’s nice enough.  I actually tried to make it a little more bright and colorful.  I think it’s just blah.  That said, I thought I’d see if you have thoughts.

I’m going to work on my facebook business page tomorrow I think, so you will be getting a piece I did last week….and it’s a barn.

Thanks so much for stopping by, it’s really great to be meeting all of you!  Thank you for your comments and thoughts, and for just taking the time to let me be a part of your day!



Hi!  It’s cold.  My computer is warm, so I’m sitting here working, and I thought I’d post.

There’s some stuff I wanted to talk about, but I didn’t want to get into it early in the game.  I have been a hit or miss blogger for years.  I wanted to make sure it was sticking this time.  It’s still early, but I think as things are going, I’m doing okay.  If you’ll indulge me just a bit now and again, I may talk about this business of art, and really, all the chaos that comes with both loss of art and rebuilding, or moving in new directions.  I’d also like to discuss process, ideas, and of course, always share art.

in dreams…circa 2010. Right after the first motherboard crash…

This has been getting sixty or seventy hits a day now, so I thought it might be kind of neat to engage in some conversation.  I’m not so great at that in real life, and obviously not here either, but I’m willing to try!

Here’s today’s piece.  It’s a photo that’s been manipulated and tortured into a painterly submission.  I’m not entirely sure why I’m so set on figuring out how to make a photograph look like a real painting, but I’ve become somewhat obsessive about the whole thing.  Those of you that have written or commented, thank you so much, I appreciate the feedback more than you will ever know.  It’s scary starting over.  Seriously, scary.


Have a happy and safe weekend!



It’s Wednesday already!  This is an older piece I had that I reworked a bit.  It’s entirely done in Painter with a little post process in photoshop.


I hope you’re all having a great week.  I’ve been both sick and busy.  woot.




The cure…

With this, I’m starting something new, at least for the blog.  I am working a lot on graphics and illustration.  I’ll start including them here in their own posts.  I’m not sure how else to do it right now…if you have any ideas, please shout them out!


Montana lake and prairie.

This was much rougher than I thought once I got to see it on the big screen.  I still like it, and it was the painting for the day.  I am only adding three a day so I don’t spam you guys. I hope you’re having a great week!