A little back story:

If you’ve read my about page you’ll know I’ve been whining over losing my work for awhile now.  What you don’t know is that I had basically given up on art completely.  It had been the second time I had lost everything and I figured I needed to get the hint.  I dabbled, but I didn’t take anything very seriously.

Then, one day, while messing around in podcasts on my new (to me) iPhone 3 (or 3s, I can’t remember which) I came across a podcast called Tiny Shutter.  I thought it was a regular photo podcast and started listening.  Come to find out, Marc and the gang were talking about iPhone photography.  I think I listened to about 10 that day.  I’m not sure I’ve ever looked back.  (And I still to this day credit Marc with being the boot in my derriere to start working again, for better or for worse…thanks so much buddy!)

If you haven’t explored what’s going on in the mobile world of photography and art, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.  It’s not all selfies in the bathroom mirror and  half eaten food, I promise.  There is already (I say already, I’m fairly sure it’s been happening since the onslaught, but I’m just starting to see it) a fair amount of disgust from photographers, and even iPhone or mobile photographers with the use of apps, making pieces that look more like paintings or collage instead of photographs.  Especially if there’s notoriety involved.  (See comments in the last “faved iPhone photos” from LifeInLofi)  I’m not judging, I just like to make art.

Check out iPhoneArt for a wonderful gallery full of amazing mobile work.  5112 pages at this moment.  It’s worth it if you’re interested at all.  (They’re also doing a Kickstarter Campaign if you’re into helping the arts!)

Here’s one of my latest iPhone pieces.  It was a  park shot, put through a battery of apps on both the iPad and the iPhone. (There’s a second iphoto over on the other blog now if you’d like to check it out.  You can see it here.)

foggy autumn morning… (best seen here, later tonight)

I had hopes of having time to wander through the interwebs looking for people to add to a list of links for you all to see.  I haven’t been able to.  Scott did happen upon a very, very cool blog from Richard Gray.  He isn’t only doing wonderful stuff with his phone, he’s also teaching you all about it on his blog Iphoggy-bloggy!  Definitely worth some time!

I think I’m going to plan another iPhone post next week, only I will be more prepared.  I’m still working out the kinks, I hope you’ll bear with me?

Tonight on the Fourcrows Blog version, I’ll be adding another shot.  It’s added here!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone, and a safe and happy weekend.  Wishing you all the best, thank you for coming by!!



Holy cow, today has been busy!  I have a so many emails to write, comments and Facebook stuff to handle, and then there’s the stuff that’s not in the virtual world.

Okay.  iPhoneography today and tomorrow.  Tomorrow (I say with great hope that I have time) I’d like to link you to some great iPhone (read mobile I suppose?) communities and artists.  I don’t know how many of you play in this medium, but it’s pretty astounding what comes out of those little devices.  If you’d like me to dedicate a day a week, or at least a couple of days a month talking about it, I think that would be fun?  This is one of my recent pieces from the iPhone/iPad.


Rabbit, Rabbit, White Rabbit!

Hi everyone! It’s December 1st! The year is racing to an end, and there is so much looming in the next few weeks that I don’t even want to think about it.

That said, I have something wonderful and exciting to share with you. Late last night, Scott’s impatience won out over his perfectionism and he made the new website live. He has been working on it diligently in his off hours for so long that I think he’s as excited about it as I am. The new Facebook “brand” page is live as well, because we might as well, right?

And there’s more! I’m also going to experiment with hosting my blog on the new site. I’ll be posting to both locations for awhile to see how it goes. I’m so grateful for all of you who follow me here. I’d be honored if you’d pop over to www.fourcrows.com/blog going forward. I’d also love to hear what you think about Disqus, the new commenting system that Scott has setup there.

Wait, I have work…sorry! Here’s something for you to look at here…

ghosts… If you don’t usually click to read, today would be an awesome day to do that. I’ve got giant news, and I’d be so excited to tell you about it!  – Click the image for a better view…

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend, The sun came out today for just a bit…that was pretty wonderful!



Happy Black Friday!  -.-  I’m not shopping.

I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday…it was quiet here, and Scott and I ended up doing nothing but playing with the website and cleaning house.  Not seeing family was strange for both of us, but not all together bad, because they were  all off doing things they loved, so we were good with that.

Here is a piece I did earlier this month but never posted.  Sorry,  it’s another barn…but I’m in the Midwest.  We have barns.  They aren’t amazing urban architectural pieces,   but they can be beautiful in their own right.

tug-o-war… (click image for zoom)

Have a safe and happy Friday., I’ll probably see you tomorrow!


11.27.2013 – extra

I’m posting two today.  Just something different than the people I’ve been doing, I haven’t been posting as much as I’ve been painting.

red umbrella… (best seen here)

I did this a few months ago.  It fits in with the story, strangely enough.  I’ll take that!


Happy Monday everyone!  This will be short…and it’s likely to be a busy week, so please forgive any hit or miss posting.  I’ll do my best.  It’s my work, I want to keep working!

Today’s painting is another character.  He’s my Dark One.  I’m trying to find a character style, and am thinking seriously about the writing now as well.  The more I work on these pieces, especially the characters, the more I can see them speaking and moving.  I know it sounds a little mad, but it just makes sense in my visual mind.

Sinister… (best seen here)

Wishing you all a wonderful week, whether it’s a holiday week where you are, or if it’s not. I appreciate you sharing a moment out of your day with me!



Today, winter winds are blowing in and it’s snowing.  I want to be excited, I really do, and I am grateful the sun is shining through all the flurries, but autumn is leaving us too quickly…at least for my taste.

Here’s today’s piece.  This is another character I envision in the story I told you about earlier.  He’s the always necessary wise old man, blind and full of truth.  I think I’m happy with this one, though seeing it on flickr, I’m seeing some flaws I’d like to fix.

I hope you’re all having a safe and happy weekend.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  The site is almost done, I can’t wait to show you!



I hope everyone is having a good week.  I’ve been working away at the portfolio, planning and trying to figure out the website and living life in general.

This is Will.  He’s the one I told you about yesterday.

I had forgotten how obsessive I get when I’m working.  How much of a perfectionist I become.  I think I freak even myself out in the end, which is idiotic, I know, but it is what it is.  I’ve been reminded that a job isn’t worth doing if it’s not done right since I was a little girl.  I’m so glad I got that lesson, especially becoming an artist.  It’s made me look at detail, at content, all the nuances that makes something a quality piece of work.  It also makes me crazy to have it right.  I hope you guys can see some growth through all this, I go jump on the computer or to the sketchbook about every spare minute I have.

That’s not a complaint though, I haven’t been this challenged in a long time, I love that!

I hope you all have a great evening.  I’ll try to see you tomorrow!



Hi!  It’s Wednesday.  It’s cold.  I’m doing people.  Like this one…

overheard plans… (best seen here)

For awhile now I’ve had this story in my head.  I doubt if it will ever come to be, but sometimes I get on a kick where I work on it.  It’s had lots of variations, and it’s always a generally about two families, both of which are Irish.  So over the past couple of years I’ve collected images of Irish looking people.  (I’m Scotch/Irish, don’t get obnoxious please.)  :p

Anyway, there might be another next time, I am working on a man.  I hope you all like this stuff.  I’m trying to keep moving upward.  It’s so much fun to be here…I kind of wish I could just jump in and have time stop, and just be allowed to be immersed for awhile.

Happy happy day everyone!  Please take care?



I’m learning I have no one I can really depend on but myself.  I’m pretty sure at some point doing everything on my own is going to get a little too overwhelming and I’m going to have to ease up in all areas.  Right now this is therapy, and I want to try to keep going.  

passages… (best seen here)

This was just going to be practice at painting people again.  It’s been a very long time and I was never really accomplished at it in the first place.  This took a LOT longer than it should have, but I liked it anyway.  (I know, it’s not perfect, even now I can see twenty things I’d like to change…but it’s taken enough time, the next one will be better)  

It was a tough weekend.  I lost myself in this one.  I’m grateful I had it to work on.