So the new site is launched.  And happily, we’ve gotten some really great feedback.  Now that it’s down to actually having to post a blog post over there, I’m not sure on some of the steps.  (It’s totally different than here.)

So for now, I’m going to post here, and have Scott fix it later.  I have to sit down and figure out everything when I’m not running in four directions.  Maybe a tall order before the holidays.

Here’s a piece for today…

the kingdom… (best seen hereand eventually here) ugh.

I’ve also added a Facebook brand page.  I’ll be sharing links and art that’s not anywhere else over there.  I’m thinking of a Follow Friday? Posting out other artist’s websites and pages.  I’ve already been told it’s silly to point people in the direction of other artists, but I’m all about community.  So if you’re interested, come on over…I’m Here.  Let me know what your page is, we can figure it out.

Okay, have a great day guys…I hope the weather is being good to you, and that everything is wonderful!




Rabbit, Rabbit, White Rabbit!

Hi everyone! It’s December 1st! The year is racing to an end, and there is so much looming in the next few weeks that I don’t even want to think about it.

That said, I have something wonderful and exciting to share with you. Late last night, Scott’s impatience won out over his perfectionism and he made the new website live. He has been working on it diligently in his off hours for so long that I think he’s as excited about it as I am. The new Facebook “brand” page is live as well, because we might as well, right?

And there’s more! I’m also going to experiment with hosting my blog on the new site. I’ll be posting to both locations for awhile to see how it goes. I’m so grateful for all of you who follow me here. I’d be honored if you’d pop over to www.fourcrows.com/blog going forward. I’d also love to hear what you think about Disqus, the new commenting system that Scott has setup there.

Wait, I have work…sorry! Here’s something for you to look at here…

ghosts… If you don’t usually click to read, today would be an awesome day to do that. I’ve got giant news, and I’d be so excited to tell you about it!  – Click the image for a better view…

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend, The sun came out today for just a bit…that was pretty wonderful!



Yesterday was a big day, and not entirely a good one.  I had my twitter account hacked, and had hundreds of bad posts added in just a day or so, not to mention hundreds of new people I was following…most of them unsavory.  Yay.  Then, in the afternoon I found out that a once close friend from Serbia had died.  I was dumbfounded to say the least.  I plan on doing a memorial post to him…he was an astounding photographer, and a dear friend.

This is probably one of the last character only paints I’ll do.  I’m feeling pretty confident with people at this point.  I’d like to start integrating more into the image…environment and other elements.  We’ll see…I look forward to your feedback.

Cecelia… (best seen here)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the states.  I don’t know how crazy it will be, but I’ll try to stop in with some work.  I hope you all have a wonderful day, and a safe weekend.  Everything is covered in a fluffy white blanket today, it’s actually pretty beautiful.



Hi!  It’s Wednesday.  It’s cold.  I’m doing people.  Like this one…

overheard plans… (best seen here)

For awhile now I’ve had this story in my head.  I doubt if it will ever come to be, but sometimes I get on a kick where I work on it.  It’s had lots of variations, and it’s always a generally about two families, both of which are Irish.  So over the past couple of years I’ve collected images of Irish looking people.  (I’m Scotch/Irish, don’t get obnoxious please.)  :p

Anyway, there might be another next time, I am working on a man.  I hope you all like this stuff.  I’m trying to keep moving upward.  It’s so much fun to be here…I kind of wish I could just jump in and have time stop, and just be allowed to be immersed for awhile.

Happy happy day everyone!  Please take care?



I think things get tense in the late autumn.  Everyone here is mourning the summer, realizing they’ll be in the house, stepping over each other or hibernating for the next few months. My son and I are summer people.  It’s just the way it is.  Don’t judge me, I get enough of that from the people here.

the long goobye… (best seen here)

This was a photograph, gone digital painting.  It was bright and brilliant to begin with, but this fit my mood today.  Sorry, it’s just the way things go sometimes.

I’m not doing links today, probably tomorrow.  I hope you all have a great weekend!


We’re getting close to having the website go live.  I’m more excited than I can even tell you!  Though I had a small site, I never understood how to make it what I wanted, so I’ve waited years for this.  You’ll be probably the third to know…because I have to tell my friends first…just to see if I have embarrassing typos, or some other silliness…

wires in a small town…

Today’s shot was made here locally.  I wish I had done tons more because that whole area is changing.  I’m happy I got what I did though, I could have nothing at all…

Have a great day!  xo